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This project is a result of a unique off and on-campus cross-disciplinary collaborative experience. An eight-person team first spent two weeks in Los Angeles, California, touring buildings, museums, parks, and sites of significance. The team then returned to spend two weeks on campus, with the challenge of creating a project that was inspired by what they experienced and researched in California. Each team consisted of Entertainment, Interior, and Game Design students, creating projects under the direction of Dave Beck as the class instructor.

The team responsible for Wisteria included:

Derek Brown - Animation

Nicole Fairchild - Game Design

Mary Flaherty - Game Design and Entertainment Design

Josh Frederick - Game Design

Jenn Seibert - Game Design

Alaina Sieben - Interior Design

Madeline Spain - Interior Design

Jesse Vaselaar - Animation

You’ve come upon a manor that appears to be abandoned. The house is in ruins and overgrowth of plant life and crumbling walls have blocked much of the view of the center-stage courtyard. After exploring the rooms, you find yourself at the top of a tower. Making your way onto the balcony, you notice a set of staircases leading to the courtyard and climb down. After exploring the area, you notice something you didn’t see before… a grave. Your surroundings fade from view.

The game was inspired primarily by the following locations:

Hollyhock House

Adamson House

Getty Villa

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Autry Museum of the American West

Install instructions

Download and unzip file. Open file titled "PC", then open .exe file titled "Wisteria PC Final".


Wisteria 32 MB

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